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Top 10 Gas and Electric String Trimmers

Whether you love taking care of your lawn or absolutely hate yard work, a quality, dependable weed wacker can really make all the difference. But finding a tool that meets your definition of “quality” is sometimes easier said than done.

I certainly faced those issues when I first set out to buy a string trimmer, and all the confusing and sparse information available only made matters worse. Eventually, I was able to learn about these very useful power tools and figured out what model was the right one for me. But rather than keep that new info to myself, I decided to create this website to help people like you.

Here at Trimmers and Edgers, you can find reviews of the top models available, guides for buying under specific circumstances, informative articles, and more. This is your resource for finding the best string trimmers without having to waste all of your time and effort, because you’ve got a lawn that’s calling your name.

Best Lithium Ion Battery Weed Wacker

BLACK+DECKER LST136W Lithium String Trimmer

If you’ve spent any amount of time out in the yard, then you know that having the freedom to tackle any part of it whenever and however you like is one of life’s greatest luxuries. Thanks to the amazing 40 volt battery and special transmission system, that’s exactly what you get in this superb model from the minds over at Black & Decker.

Powered by a Lithium Battery

Mobility is a key concern of mine when I’m out working in the yard, since it can get quite annoying to get interrupted in the middle of working because your power cord is two short. Thankfully, you never have to worry about that with this string trimmer, since it’s powered by an internal rechargeable battery rather than requiring a direct connection to a power outlet. Once you get this trimmer fully charged, you can take it wherever you need to in the yard so you can tackle whatever trimming or maintenance needs you have. Since the power source is electrical instead of gas, this also means that you have the benefit of an easier start to get the motor running, since there is no need to pull a starter cord to kick things into motion. Finally, the lithium battery can reach a full charge in approximately one hour, which means way less time spent waiting and more time spent out getting the job done.

Adjustable Power Dial

Another great benefit of the internal battery in this unit is that it allowed Black & Decker to install a power adjustment dial, which gives you more control over how hard the engine works. When you set the weed wacker to maximum power, you get all the force this baby has to offer, which comes out to a staggering 8500 RPM. That’s more than enough to help you whack your way through those particularly troublesome spots of tough weeds and rough overgrowth. Or, you can set the dial to the maximum runtime mode, which reduces the power output to a more modest RPM in an effort to conserve energy and give you as much time out in the yard as possible. Having these types of controls can really make a difference when you’re out working, since you’re always going to have situations where a little more power or a little more time can make all the difference.

Most Affordable (Yet Pretty Good) String Trimmer

GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded Weed Wacker

Not everyone needs all the raw power of a gas motor or the roaming capacity that comes from a battery-operated trimmer, or the higher price tag that comes with either feature. If this sounds like you, and you want a great string trimmer that won’t cost you a fortune, then this model from GreenWorks is right up your alley.

Big Features, Small Price

It’s quite common for lawn care equipment like this to start dropping a ton of features when you focus on the models in the lower end of the price brackets, but that’s surprisingly not the case here. GreenWorks manages to give you quite a bit of functionality with this unit, keeping it at a very affordable price by making some smart decisions on how to modify, mostly in terms of its power source. This model is a corded electric unit, which means that you do have to plug it into an outlet to operate, which is by no means a problem in most situations. If you have a small to medium-sized yard, then you’re probably not going to run into any issues when you put this model out to work. It also comes with a 4 amp motor, which is a ton of power and certainly more than enough to take on a huge variety of yardwork projects.

Lightweight and Versatile

Most of the time, you’re going to end up paying a premium for lightweight lawn care equipment, since it requires special care and attention during the design and manufacturing to reduce the weight while maintaining a high level of durability and performance. Amazingly, this budget string trimmer is also one of the lightest that I’ve seen, weighing in at just a smidge over 5 pounds. At that weight, I would imagine that it would certainly be easy for practically anyone to handle, including seniors or a woman of a slight stature like myself. I’m always so pleased to find products and tools that aren’t insanely expensive, but that don’t limit you from really getting things done either. Here, you’ve also got a 13 inch cutting path and the ability to work on those fine edges, so there’s almost no limit to what you can get done.

Best Combination String Trimmer and Edger

BLACK+DECKER GH900 14-Inch Trimmer and Edger

When you care for your own lawn, you can end up with a pretty massive collection of tools and equipment before you can even blink. That’s why I love items like this that give you the functionality of multiple tools all in one, making it easy for you to convert between the modes. This is definitely the best combination string trimmer and edger that I’ve seen, as it does so much without taking up tons of space.

Easily Converts Between Two Modes

I’ve seen a few models that offer both trimming and edge clearing functions, but unfortunately feature some seriously overcomplicated procedures to switch between the two modes. The GH900 doesn’t require you to operate any troublesome locks or switches, and there are no pesky attachments that you need to swap out, so everything is right in a single unit and ready to go whenever you are. The standard orientation allows you to operate this like a normal string trimmer, so you can work over large patches of grass or weeds easily. When you reach the edge of the grass, and want to trim down that overgrowth so that you have a nice, clean edge, all you need to do is rotate the entire unit over and rest the built-in guide wheel on the ground. Now, when you start the unit up, you can push it forward and clean up those edges effortlessly.

Designed for Ease of Use

A multi-use tool like this can sometimes be very troublesome to use, in one or both modes, because it requires a lot of care and attention to optimize functionality in both settings. Clearly the manufacturers knew exactly what they were doing when they created this model, as you have two separate ergonomic handles that allow you to make use of each no matter how you’re operating it. The main handle at the end opposite the trimmer head includes the quick start trigger, so you don’t have to struggle to turn the unit on or off. The second handle extends upwards from the middle of the upper section of the shaft, so that you can grip it with either hand and gain more control over your motions. This second handle is also adjustable, so you can set it to different positions for optimum comfort. When you turn the unit over to run it in edger mode, each handle is still accessible, making it possible to work efficiently and with precision.

Top Rated Extendable Shaft Weed Wacker

Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

No matter how clean and uniform you can make your yard appear, there’s nothing clear cut about getting it that way. You’re always running into hard to reach spots and tricky areas that can really put you and your tools to the test. In these moments, you want an extendable shaft trimmer like this model from Toro, which is made to give you more reach and flexibility to whip any yard into shape.

Telescoping Shaft for Extra Length

Every yard is different, from the layout and shape to the type of foliage it has, which means that every person is going to run into different obstacles and issues at different times. Fortunately, many of these can be overcome with an extendable trimmer like this one. Whether it’s overgrown grass in a narrow patch between your garage and a fence, or a section that’s on an incline that just isn’t easily accessible, all you need to do to gain some extra length is open the locking switch and pull out the telescoping shaft, then lock it back into place at your desired length. This could also come in handy if you have people of different heights that would be using the same tool, since it makes it possible to match the tool length to each person so that no one has to hunch over during yard work.

Additional Assist Features

This model also includes the ability to switch to an edger mode, which involves pressing a button on the handle to automatically rotate the head to the new position. When you’re done, returning the head to the trimming position only requires another button press. Another feature that I really like about this mode is that it comes with an auto-feed trim line, which means that every time you put the unit into action by pulling the operation trigger, it will automatically change the length of the line in use. You never have to manually lengthen the line or deal with the troublesome bumping models that can actually end with you inadvertently causing damage to the actual unit when you’re trying to extend the feed.

Best String Trimmer and Sweeper Combination Pack

BLACK+DECKER LCC420 Lithium Ion Combo Kit

Bundles like this can really be a lifesaver when you’re trying to get everything you need to bulk up your lawn care arsenal. I was very impressed with the specifications on both the string trimmer and the sweeper here, making it a fantastic starting point for anyone new to home lawn care or that simply wants to upgrade their old gear while saving a bit of time and money.

Extended Run Time Trimmer

Black & Decker has really made some fantastic innovations to its weed wackers compared to the older models, and the unit you get in this bundle really exemplifies all of that amazing process. The unit is built around the 20 Volt Max Lithium Ion battery, which was designed to give you a huge amount of continuous run time so that you can take on those large projects without having to get overwhelmed or slowed down by power limitations. Since you have access to the dual mode switch, you can set this trimmer to prioritize battery life so that you can work for up to a full hour without having to recharge. The battery pack is also detachable, so you can charge it wherever it’s convenient, rather than having to find a place to fit the entire unit when you plug the battery in to charge.

Power Sweeper Included

In addition to the sturdy and powerful string trimmer, you also get a sweeper that is also powered by the same type of battery, so you still get the freedom and flexibility of a cordless working experience. The sweeper is not one of those hulking, heavy duty models, so you don’t have to worry about having to strap it on your back to operate it, or anything similarly troublesome. It has a single handle mounted on the top of the body, so you can easily pick it up and move it around to blow away any leaves or yard debris you have around. It can be very useful to have a product like this on hand, since a string trimmer can end up creating quite a mess on the sidewalk, the driveway, or on your patio.

Best Multipurpose Yardwork String Trimmer

WORX WG175 32-volt Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger

As I said, there’s quite a lot of benefit to having tools that serve more than one purpose, since they save you space on storing multiple units, time on having to switch between them, and money on making several purchases. From what I’ve seen, this is the best multipurpose string trimmer for handling a wide variety of yardwork projects.

Built-In Wheels to Increase Movement

The core of what makes this a truly impressive multipurpose tool is the set of wheels that is attached to the back of the head. When the wheels are fully locked upright, you can operate this unit as a typical string trimmer to help you cut down grass and weeds around the yard. With a few simple twists and changes, you can turn this into an edger with a huge amount of precision dependability. Since there are two wheels placed in a close proximity, you don’t have to worry about the edger tipping over to either side, meaning that you can really focus on guiding it on the exact path you want. Now, the best part is that you can change the location of the wheels so that they are under the head, allowing you to use this model as a miniature lawn mower, making it one of the most functional lawn care tools I’ve ever seen.

Also Features Flower Guard

When you think about the amount of power and functionality you have in this model, it’s easy to focus on taking on huge projects and all of the daunting tasks that can come with serious yard work. However, the people at Worx didn’t forget that home lawn care also involves a lot of delicate precision, too. After all, the word “care” is in the name, and nothing demonstrates their understanding of this better than the built-in flower guard. It’s a simple addition that will help you avoid accidentally trimming your flowerbeds while you’re trying to get rid of those weeds. The guard extends outwards over the front of the cutting zone, so you know exactly how close you can get before you reach the end of the line, so to speak. It’s the little touches like this that really increase the functionality and usefulness of a tool, and show that the manufacturers really understand what lawn care is all about.

Best Extra Wide Gas-Powered String Trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft Detachable Weed Wacker

As much as I love some of the features and functions that come with electric and battery-powered trimmers, I know that there are certain jobs that just call for the power of a gas trimmer. Also, gas may be a much more manageable and reasonable option than electric for many people. Everything about this trimmer from Husqvarna (makers of countless quality tools and some really cool motorcycles), is sure meet all of your expectations.

Sturdy Build for Heavy Work

The major benefit of a gas-powered “weed wacker” like this is that you get a huge amount of power, since they feature serious motors that can really bring a lot of force to your tasks. This model in particular has a 28cc engine, which is about half the power you would see on a small dirt bike. When you think of it like that, then it’s very easy to tell that this is a string trimmer ideal for anyone that has to deal with a lot of difficult overgrowth but doesn’t want to spend all day trying to trim it down. It also takes a thicker gauge of string, which is mostly possible because of the strong metal design and the fact that the engine is powerful enough to handle the heavier material. Even with the signature Husqvarna engine in tow, this trimmer only weighs around 11 pounds, so you aren’t going to be dealing with something that’s too big for home use.

Huge Cutting Area

Another feature that I really like in this weed wacker is its extra wide cutting area, which is among the biggest that I’ve seen on any model out there. While most standard trimmers will have a cutting area of around 14 inches, which is definitely enough for the average yard, this model offers a 17 inch cutting width. At that size, you can cover large areas in less time, since you don’t have to move as much to work over the same area. It also means that it can handle some of the larger plants that can grow wild in yards, as it allows you to take full advantage of that powerful gas motor. Gas engines are also helpful for working on very large properties, since all you need to do is refill the tank when you run out of fuel and you can keep on trimming.

Most Efficient Weed Wacker

DEWALT DCST920B 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer

While some people love to spend as much time out in the yard as possible, others are going to want to get the job done as quickly and effortlessly as possible so they can move on to other activities. Those of you in the fast and effective camp are going to love this ultra efficient string trimmer from the tool experts at DeWalt.

Made to Maximize Efficiency

The whole construction of this trimmer is built around saving you as much time and effort as possible, starting with the dual control lithium battery. Since you can dynamically switch between settings to give you more power or more battery life, you get more control over how you get the work done so you don’t have to spend more time working over tough patches or waiting for your battery to recharge. It also offers a brushless motor, which means that it is better at regulating the power to drive the mechanics in order to make the most out of everything it has. Finally, DeWalt employs a patented gear drive system in this trimmer which helps to deliver more torque (which is basically the turning power of the line feed under resistance) to make it possible to handle the toughest overgrowth without seeing a decrease in speed or performance.

Pro Style Guard

The type of guard present in a string trimmer can affect its performance quite a bit, and I’m pleased to learn that this model uses one that is built to maintain a balance between safety and functionality. The guard is positioned along the back with an angled shield pointing outward, to help catch and deflect any yard trimmings or debris that it kicks up so that it doesn’t fly back towards you. However, DeWalt shaped the guard to be more open in the front, which allows you to work a larger area with each sweep. Some models spread the guard quite far around the edge of the feed line, which can actually limit how much of the lawn or terrain that you can trim at once. It’s definitely a guard design that is built around giving you a professional level of control over your work area, which means that you can get large or otherwise troublesome jobs done faster.

Best Curved Shaft String Trimmer

Hitachi CG22EAP2SLB 2-Cycle Gas Powered Weed Wacker

Most string trimmers are going to have a straight shaft that connects the handle and the head, since this is a very easy configuration for manufacturers to achieve and it does allow for a very wide range of use among most consumers. However, when you want a little more control and ease of use over your trimming, then you’re going to want a model with a curved shaft. Of those curved shaft models I’ve seen, this one really stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Curved Design for Added Flexibility

The curve of this shaft doesn’t happen until you start to approach the head, since that’s where all the action happens, and it’s the part you want to have the easiest time making contact with the grass. The curve is more on the subtle side, so you won’t have to worry about any sharp angles or awkward bends, but instead get a very natural arc that is meant to allow you to operate the device very easily. The curve is also complemented by a large top-mounted grip handle, with each of these features enabling you to hold the trimmer in a very natural and much more comfortable position during use. This means that you can use broader, sweeping motions to cover the ground in front of you as well as angle the trimmer up or down with less strain, since you don’t have to deal with the weight imbalance that would come from maneuvering a straight shaft.

Gas-Powered, with Comfort Features Included

This is a gas-powered trimmer, which is what I expected to find when I first saw this model and its uniquely shaped body. That kind of angling and thought just lines up with the type of power and control that you typically get with a gas trimmer. What I did not expect to find, however, were all of the amazing comfort features that Hitachi included with this tool. First of all, the shaft itself is longer than other models, coming in at 54 inches, which means that you won’t have to strain your back to use it, no matter what your height is. Also, the starting system is designed to require less force, so you won’t have to pull as hard to get the engine revved up. Since gas-powered motors are often louder and bumpier than electric motors, I was very happy to learn about the anti-vibration systems built in here, which helps to keep the body from shaking too much and making it hard or uncomfortable to hold.

Closing Thoughts

Just as you probably might have guessed, the world of lawn care tools is quite complex, even when you’re looking at what might seem like a simple tool such as the string trimmer. While it’s hard to choose one model as the overall best, I think it’s very clear that there are many amazing models out there very well suited to people in different circumstances and situations.

If you’re still not sure, please check out the other pages on my site to get more tips and advice about finding the best weed wacker on the market.

May your gardens always be green!